It has been said that necessity is the mother of all invention. eFileFAST, the first e-filing software for NY State Court was born when customers of US Document Retrieval Service, Inc. (USDRS) demanded a solution to a growing problem. Their challenge; how could they add speed and efficiency to the increasingly mandatory e-filing requirements of the NY State courts (NYSCEF)?

Established in 1997, New York City-based US Document Retrieval Service (USDRS) has been providing litigation support services to top law firms across the United States for two decades.  Over time all things evolve. Such is the case with litigation support services. For many years it was sufficient to simply provide document retrieval services, service of process and manual court filings in order to satisfy the needs of the largest law firms in the US. Not anymore. Heeding its clients call for NY State e-filing relief, USDRS sought to use modern e-filing software technology to solve their newest problem.

The goal was clear and simple from day one; use modern technology in the form of e-filing software to allow anyone to file any pleading the NY State court in a few minutes or less – with lower risk.  And then we went to work. Leveraging the experience of litigation support specialists, a dedicated committee of experienced legal staff from various NY law firms and a top software development firm in New York City, Exigent Technologies, eFileFAST was born in June of 2018. With deep roots in New York, it is likely no surprise that we chose New York State Court for our inaugural e-filing software launch. Both USDRS and eFileFAST are proud sponsors of the National Docketing Association.

eFileFAST LLC is a private software company, not affiliated with the New York State Unified Court System.