June 6, 2018

eFileFAST companion software lowers rejection rates, allows law offices to e-file up to 90% faster

New York, NY—June 5, 2018—In response to law firms clamoring for a solution that streamlines the electronic filing process mandated by the New York state courts, eFileFAST will debut its new e-filing companion software at a launch event from 2-5 p.m. on Thursday, June 14, at the Microsoft Technology Center in Times Square.

Created by U.S. Document Retrieval Service (USDRS) and the software development experts at Exigent Technologies, New York-based eFileFAST answers the call for help from law firms that have been seeking to add efficiency around their e-filing process, while also mitigating some of its inherent risks.

The principals at USDRS came to me and explained that an increasing number of their customers were asking for help navigating the e-filing mandates, processes and deadlines, while others had asked about outsourcing the entire process,” explained eFileFAST cofounder Daniel Haurey.

Built using the litigation support experience of USDRS specialists, veteran staff from prominent New York-based law firms and software development experts from Exigent Technologies, eFileFAST provides legal professionals with software that is fast, eliminates redundant data entry, and creates compliant and indexed documents that meet the exacting specifications of the New York courts. 

Similar to popular income tax e-filing solutions, such as TurboTax®, which work with government e-filing systems to simplify the process, eFileFAST works as a companion to the NYSCEF system rather than replacing it. As an on-demand, cloud-based solution, eFileFAST has no subscription costs and no software to install; users simply pay a small fee for each filing. It supports e-filing by those approved to file through NYSCEF, including filings to the New York State Civil, Appellate and Supreme courts, as well as the state’s Court of Claims.

The NYSCEF system is a testament to New York State’s leadership around electronic filing. We’re proud to be the first company to enhance the New York e-filing process for end users by reducing the potential for errors, creating time savings and facilitating the court’s mission of efficiency for its partners in the justice system,” says Paul Bender, Chief Software Architect at Exigent Technologies. “We knew we had the right solution when our testing benchmarks revealed up to a 90% improvement in the time to e-file.”

To help law firms get acclimated with the inaugural edition of eFileFAST, new users can use the solution in “Training Mode” to file practice submissions in the NYSCEF training system. While a NYSCEF training login is not required to use eFileFAST in Training mode, valid NYSCEF credentials are required for Live mode. Switching from Training to Live mode happens with a simple click of a button.

Legal professionals and press are encouraged to attend the launch on June 14, but limited space and strict security requirements require an RSVP. Click here to RSVP by June 8 for the event.

Learn more about eFileFAST at www.efilefast.com, where you can sign up for a free trial. Follow eFileFAST on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/efilefast/ and Twitter @eFileFAST.

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