NY State Court (NYSCEF) Frequently Asked Questions

I can and do electronically file through NYSCEF. Why would I need eFileFAST?

eFileFAST is designed to make e-filing astonishingly fast and more efficient.

How do I get started with eFileFAST?

Simple: visit www.efilefast.com and click on the ‘Get Started” link. It’s free, easy and you’ll be up and running within minutes! No credit card is required.

Do you automatically remove metadata from my documents?

Yes. eFileFAST will scrub metadata and convert your files to the required PDF/A format.

Can I electronically file to Civil, Court, Supreme Court and the Court of Claims?


What state(s) does eFileFAST currently work in?

Currently, we only work in New York State with NYSCEF.

What type of technical support is available for eFileFAST?

Email and phone support are available. eFileFAST also employs engaging on-screen help to minimize the need for direct assistance.

How do you handle court-imposed filing deadlines?

eFileFAST allows you to e-File much faster , allowing you to meet deadlines quicker.

Can I electronically file to federal courts?


Do I still need to pay the regular, customary NY court filing fees when I use eFileFAST?

Yes. The same NYSCEF court fees apply when using eFileFAST.

Do I have to be a licensed attorney to use eFileFAST?

eFileFAST requires that you have NYSCEF login credentials.

Does my IT department need to give me special access to use or install eFileFAST?

No. In fact, there is nothing to install. eFileFAST is completely web browser-based. All that is required is to be able to reach the website https://app.efilefast.com

Will eFileFAST work on Apple/Mac computers?

Yes. eFileFAST is Operating System Agnostic.

Will I lose access to NYSCEF if I start using eFileFAST?

No. eFileFAST uses your existing NYSCEF credentials and works with and through the existing state site.

What forms of payment do you accept?

eFIleFAST accepts all major credit cards.

How can I justify the small added cost of eFileFAST to my boss?

eFileFast will not add to your firm’s costs. The small filing fee that we charge is more than made up for in the enormous time savings your firm will enjoy. E-Filing time to NYSCEF will be reduced by approximately 90%. Time is money.

Is eFileFAST supported on Citrix?

Yes. Your IT group just needs to allow the website https://app.efilefast.com

Is eFileFAST supported on Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS)?

Yes. Your IT group just needs to allow the website https://app.efilefast.com

My firm is very security conscious. Is eFileFAST secure?

Yes. eFileFAST leverages the highest level of encryption available.

Our firm will require training for eFileFAST. Do you offer onsite and/or remote training?

Yes.  Please contact us.

Can my PDF document use layers?

No. eFileFAST follows the exact specifications of NYSCEF.

Can I electronically file to criminal court using eFileFAST?

No. NYSCEF does not yet support e-Filing to Criminal Court.

Can I electronically file to Landlord & Tenant court using eFileFAST?


How many exhibits can I attach to a filing in eFileFAST?

You can attach as many documents as are required for your case. eFileFAST provides you with quick and easy access to organizing, naming and submitting all of your Commencement, Accompanying and Exhibit documents.

Can you customize eFileFAST to work with our in-house software?

Most likely.  We are happy to discuss your customization needs. Please contact us.

Does eFileFAST have a training system, like NYSCEF?

Yes. eFileFAST allows you to operate in “Training Mode”, wherein users may file to their hearts’ content to the NYSCEF training system. Switching from Training to Live mode is as simple as a click of a button. NYSCEF training login is required.

Will eFileFAST check to verify that my documents are the correct format before filing them?

Yes. eFileFAST converts all your documents to PDF/A format. Users are also presented with a dialog to view all files before the case is submitted to ensure that they are to your specification.

Can eFileFAST file encrypted or password-protected PDFs?

No. eFileFAST follows the exact specifications of NYSCEF.

Will eFileFAST redact social security numbers and confidential personal information (“CPI”) as provided in 22 NYCRR § 202.5(e)?

No. Just as with NYSCEF, you are responsible for adhering to the rules that require attorneys to omit certain confidential personal information from court filings.

Will I immediately receive a claim or index number after filing with eFileFAST?

No. Just as if you were using NYSCEF, an index or claim number is not automatically assigned. Instead, the appropriate state staffer will review your filing. If all is in order, your filing will be accepted and an index or claim number will be issued.

Will eFileFAST make corrections or modifications to my documents?

No. eFileFast will not modify your documents in any way.

Will eFileFAST change my documents in any way?

No. eFileFast will not modify your documents in any way.

Is there a mobile, smartphone edition of eFileFAST?

Not at this time, but some people have told us that they do e-file from their smartphones and tablets.