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The New York State e-Filing Software Solution

The eFileFAST solution is unique in its approach to creating efficiency and speed in electronically filing (e-filing) in the New York State Courts e-Filing system (NYSCEF). eFileFAST does not replace NYSCEF, instead, it provides e-filers with an e-filing software companion to NYSCEF, allowing them to quickly and efficiently commence, manage, e-file to and report on all NY State Court cases for all NYSCEF-participating New York State Courts and Counties.  Although eFileFAST actually e-files directly through the NYSCEF website, filers no longer need to log into NYSCEF to file and manage cases – eFileFAST will handle all of that elegantly.

What makes the eFileFAST software solution so quick and efficient?

eFileFAST minimizes tedious re-entering of data that’s already been typed into documents that are required for the filings already.  Simply select your commencement document, highlight its caption text and eFileFAST pulls the data from it without you having to re-type all that information.

By leveraging advanced document and network technologies, eFileFAST provides a robust and speedy document organization, upload and indexing utility.  Whether your case has 10 documents or 500, no more waiting to only upload and process a few documents at a time.  eFileFAST takes all of your Commencement Documents, Accompanying Documents and Exhibits and uploads them to NYSCEF quickly and efficiently, allowing you to quickly complete your e-filing from beginning to end, then move on while eFileFAST performs the heavy lifting.

eFileFAST’s team of User Experience and User Interface professionals has injected every possible ounce of efficiency and speed into each and every NYSCEF process to ensure that the filer’s experience is quick and painless.  The result is an e-filing software solution that has removed nearly all of the bottlenecks, waiting and aggravation inherent to e-filing.

On command, eFileFAST can also convert all of your commencement, accompanying and exhibit documents to PDF/A, scrub them of metadata and organize your e-filing into either a single- or multi-document indexed filing.  Already converting and scrubbing your own documents before upload?  No problem.  eFileFAST will double-check and re-convert anything that might not have been converted properly, lessening the likelihood of a case being rejected by a court clerk.  (See more in Features)  Have more questions?  See our FAQ or Contact Us.